Read + Review: It Ends in Fire by Andrew Shvarts

The book It Ends in Fire is about an orphan who is on a mission for revenge. She is taking vengeance on the person who took away her loved ones. In the middle of her mission, she faces a predicament of whether to kill her allies who find out secret information about her mission. She faces many obstacles, including losing her loved ones, and making many hard choices. While completing her treacherous mission for revenge, she makes many allies and enemies.

I loved this book as the author, Andrew Shvarts, explains every moment very carefully, and I can feel what the characters are feeling. Whenever there is a war, something painful, or when the character is feeling very excited, I seem to feel and enjoy their happiness with them. I love the plot of this book, where there are many ups and downs, pros and cons. Whenever events in the book did not go as they planned, when they lost their loved ones and friends, and times when they were in pain, I became very emotional, feeling everything that the character and Andrew Shvarts were feeling.

One memorable thing about this book is the plot. I am an avid reader, and I remember books that I love. Most of the books I read end with a happy ending, where the main character gets what they want with a few minor struggles. But there are some books like It Ends in Fire, where the main character gets what they want, but she faces many casualties. In this book the main character ends up getting what she wants, but she has to face it without the help of her best friends to stand beside her. She comes across as a lone struggler, the warrior, the fighter. It inspires you to be strong and stand up for justice. On the front cover, there is a phrase that I really enjoy: They came to learn. She came to burn. I like the ominous feeling that the phrase gives me. Another memorable thing about this book is that even after the main character loses almost everything and everyone she loves, she picks herself up, and continues on her mission for revenge. I also really like the twist ending of this book, and all of the cultures the author includes.

I wish that the author, Andrew Shvarts, wrote more books and sequels to this book. I really like the plot and the thinking that went into this book, and I would love more books like this one. I wish the library had other books by the same author. I really like this book, and I would like others to read it, and share their feedback with the library. I would also appreciate it if the library had a place both on their site and in person where people can read a book and put their review. This way, people can read books and share what they think about the book with others, giving them recommendations on what to read, and what grade level they should read it. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book!

Review by Amishi C. at Twin Hickory

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