Read + Review: Go the Distance by Jen Calonita

The book Go the Distance is a very heartwarming book about the relationship between a human being and an immortal Greek god. In this book, the Greek god wishes to stay with a human he has become infatuated with, but his father does not let him. The only solution: the human has to become a god. The human goes on a mission to prove herself worthy, but the mission has many obstacles. This book is a very heartwarming book as she has to face her worst fears when completing this mission.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, but I think that there is one way that this book can become a better read. I believe that if people do not have any background information about Greek mythology, then they might not understand the book. It would be better and more efficient if the author introduces the characters and their significance at the beginning of the book and gives a bit of background knowledge to the reader so that they can better understand the plot better.

A memorable thing about this book is when the main character finds out that someone had come and saved her when she thought she could handle the situation herself. As a result of her anger, she disposes of an essential thing that she was given. At this point in the book, I had mixed emotions. At some times, I agreed with what the character did, but at others, I did not. Another memorable thing about this book is that it was based on Greek mythology. I enjoy reading myths about different cultures and beliefs, as it expands my knowledge about different people around the world. Also in this book was where the main character has to face her fears. I was inspired by how strong she was, even at times when she was her weakest.

I wish that the library had more books by this author, as I enjoy the main plot of this book and I would like to explore more books like this one. I would also appreciate it if the library had a place both on their site and in-person where people can read a book and put their reviews. This way, people can read books and share what they think about the book with others, giving them recommendations on what to read, and what grade level they should read it. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book!

Reviewed by Amishi C. at Twin Hickory Library

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