Read + Review: The Secret Life of Kitty Granger by G.D. Falksen

In a wonderful adventure during the 1960’s, “The Secret Life of Kitty Granger” explores the hidden world of spies and the aftermath of World War II. Kitty Granger, a young worker in London, possesses a unique eye for detail. When her peculiarity leads her to unearth a conflict between Russian and English spies, she receives an opportunity to partake in it as an agent herself. Eager to save her dwindling family business, Kitty delves into the undercover realm. As her aptitude for covert operations grows, as does the threat on the Parliament, and Kitty must assume an alternate identity to intercept the enemies’ strategy. Unfortunately, Kitty finds herself in far more danger that she previously thought, and the fate of the entire country lies in her hands. Mystery and deception align in G.D. Falksen’s thrilling tale.

 The suspenseful writing style masterfully conveyed the mystery and drama in “The Secret Life of Kitty Granger”. Compelling twists and turns never ceased to keep me enthralled and captivated by the story. I particularly appreciated the diversity in the characters and how their distinct personalities were flawlessly written. The story was brought to life by the plot, memorable settings, and the characters themselves. Overall, I enjoyed every aspect of this novel.

One memorable thing about the novel was Kitty’s “oddity”. Her skill was consistent and useful throughout the book and drove the plot forward without seeming unrealistic. Furthermore, her unique mind allowed for unconventional but clever solutions to obstacles. Its addition allowed the story to distinguish her but not make her a firm outcast.

Reviewed by  Soumya K. at Twin Hickory Library

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