Read + Review: Lumberjanes: A Summer to Remember

The book LUMBERJANES: A Summer to Remember by Shannon Watters was a narrative in which youths from a summer camp divide themselves into three groups. The three respective groups individually find their paths through different journeys. The first group is a batch of two youngsters aiming to win a badge through the value of community. In the second one, there is a trio that seeks to leave the Jurassic world with togetherness. Finally, in the third group, youth face the conflicts of an unprepared stadium for singing and a tale of romance. In the end, it connects all three stories to a new journey in itself. From funny characters like April to more reflective ones like Mal, the book opens a sense of imagination to readers. Although a comic strip intended for camping and scouting, LUMBERJANES: A Summer to Remember conveys a story for all.

 In my view, I thought the book was enjoyable with its spirit. Many scenes in the narrative offer one a sense of the reality of life in general. From reserved characters like Barney to adventurous ones like Jo, I can relate these figures to my own life. For example, when Barney receives his first badge, I am reminded of moments when good things came for me to cherish without myself desiring it. However, I resented the occasional lack of context the book gave. It was sometimes challenging to make clear some aspects of the text. The comic wasn’t as humorous at times as well. Regardless, the comic LUMBERJANES: A Summer to Remember still communicates an adventure for a

 Frankly, I liked how the book connected the three different journeys to form a new one, concluding it with a cliffhanger. It gave more room for creativity and imagination.

Reviewed by Nathan P. at Twin Hickory Area Library

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