Read + Review: Words Composed of Sea and Sky by Erica George

When Michaela, a talented poet, asks her stepfather to financially support her in going to the college of her dreams, she is heavily disappointed by his little enthusiasm to help her. And so, she finds herself entering a poetry contest about the mysterious legend of Captain Benjamin Churchill, known for his brilliant poetry skills. However, as she sinks deeper and deeper into his life, she discovers a hidden figure under his name: Leta Townsend. As the book goes back and forth between periods of time, the readers find themselves falling consistently in this light and gentle romance intertwined with these characters as they explore the beauty of poetry.

 I thought the book was written delicately and immersed the readers into an atmosphere of relaxation. The book was mainly romance, and the author managed to relate the genre into poetry, one of my passions. At first, I imagined the book to be poetically written but was slightly disappointed to find that it was just a general book with a few poems here and then. Usually, romance is not my type of book I couldn’t resist picking up this book when I saw the title and saw its beautiful sunset cover (I know, I know, I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But still, the design was lovely!) Although the romance between Michaela and her lover was cute in some moments, I thought that the romance between Captain Benjamin Churchill and his lover was more deeply written.

 As mentioned above, I have the obsession of writing and reading poetry making me enjoy books that have characters that relate to literature. Although I was slightly disappointed that the author decided to write the book in a general way, the poetry that she included along the story was beautifully written and made up for the grudge. Also, I felt that this was also slightly historical fiction which is also one of my favorite genres which made this book stand out even more from the rest.

Reviewed by GC at Twin Hickory Area Library

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