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Read + Review: Depression Insights and Tips For Teenagers By Christie Cognevich

This book contains a lot of useful knowledge. It talks about the causes of depression as well as the signs of it. In addition, it explains its impacts and the different types of depression. All of these topics are discussed in detail within the book and it can help anyone suffering from depression. Overall, the book talks about this topic in a calm way to help readers acknowledge the situations better.

I liked how the book helps people get out of depression by talking about various strategies like coping ahead. Furthermore, it uses real-life stories to explain the diverse amount of information covered in the book. I liked this because it allowed me to relate to the book. However, the book would’ve done a better job at conveying the information if it had been more concise. This would have allowed readers to quickly get a grasp on the topic.

One very memorable thing within the book were the numerous images used to support the stories. These image were important since they allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the scenario. This helps in understanding how the situation can be resolved also. This element of the book was the most helpful thing in the book for me since I wouldn’t have been able to properly understand the book without the images.

Reviewed by Krish at Twin Hickory Library

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