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Read + Review: It Ends in Fire

Alka is a strong person who has survived all of the challenges life has thrown at her. She has been living with a group who is fighting to protect the rights of everyone, including the powerless Humbles. She is sent on a mission as a spy to infiltrate Blackwater Academy, a prestigious school which has taught some of the best Wizards. Quite soon, Alka realizes that the academy is not the place she thought it would be, but is instead a battleground. All signs lead to the ominous Great Game, where the Wizards will be tested in their skills and bravery. This is a battle that everyone will be fighting. Some will do it for revenge, others for glory, and some for fun. Will Alka guide her team to victory? Will she succeed in her mission? This thrilling story will keep you turning the pages till the very end.

I really enjoyed this book in the terms of its main plot, but definitely think the author could improve this book.

One aspect of possible change could be more description. I was trying to visualize the scenes in the book, but it was a challenge! The vivid details needed to paint a picture in my mind are missing.

Still, I quite enjoyed this book and recommend it to you! The plotline is particularly intriguing. This book will take you on a magical journey, and is definitely one that you will remember for a long time.

A memorable thing about this book is how the author organized the chapters. Each one is in Alka’s point of view, but the author alternates the past and present events that happened in Alka’s life. This way of writing the story was a smart idea, and it helps to better understand the main character’s motives.

Reviewed by Shreya at Twin Hickory Library

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