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Read + Review: Recommended by You by Laura Silverman

Recommended For You is about Shoshanna Greenberg, a young girl who has two moms. However, there is trouble in her mom’s relationship. To escape from all the fighting at home, Shoshanna works at Once Upon, a local bookshop. One day her boss sets forth a challenge for all the employees at Once Upon. The challenge is which employee can sell the most books for a holiday bonus. When Jake Kaplan, a new employee, starts working at Once Upon, Shoshanna starts to worry about the competition growing. As Shoshanna works hard to win the challenge, she grows closer with Jake Kaplan. Their friendship grows every day and they slowly start realizing that they might be more than friends.

I think that Recommended For You was overall a fantastic book. My favorite character was Shoshanna Greenberg because she is a total bookworm and has a strong personality. I liked the writing style of this book because each paragraph was easy to follow and it didn’t feel disconnected. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a realistic fiction book filled with a little bit of romance. 

A memorable thing about Recommended For You is when Jake Kaplan starts working at Once Upon. I feel that this is memorable because Jake’s arrival was the start of a lot of important events that take place in this book. After Jake starts working at Once Upon, it is easier to know how you, as a reader, would think about Shoshanna. Shoshanna worries about the competition growing after Jake starts working at the bookshop, which I think brings out her “true” self. Overall, I love how Laura Silverman, the author, was able to create such a character that can change the plot of the story. 

Reviewed by Radhika, Twin Hickory Library

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