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Read + Review: Bluebird by Sharon Cameron

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After the brutality of World War II, Eva, a German girl, and her friend Brigit have a dangerous mission they need to accomplish. When Germany was defeated in the war, Eva realized the cruelty of her own country and found herself talking with the US government about a deal. It was a dangerous deal because the government wanted her to find her father and bring him to the US government so they could make use his dangerous knowledge. However, Eva has a different plan and she will do whatever it takes to break her deal with the US government to stop her father from escaping justice, even if it means killing him. With gentle romance and breathtaking thrills, this historical fiction book is one-of-a-kind that makes you keep reading!

I thought this book was one of the best historical fiction books I have ever read. The author did an excellent job of describing the characters in the book. She made me feel like the characters were right beside me! The book also went from the present to the past and repeated this format throughout. I would ask myself, “What do these clues mean?” and try to solve the mystery and figure things out. There were also so many plot twists in this book that made my jaw drop and scream into my pillow because it was so unexpected!

I think the whole structure of this book was very memorable. It has been a long time since I have ever read a book that went back and forth between the past and the present and making the book seem like a whole box of puzzles that were waiting to be solved. I really enjoyed reading about the characters and the plot itself was so attractive and interesting that you never got bored! I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy historical fiction, thrillers, HUGE plot twists, and romance.

Reviewed by GC, Twin Hickory Library

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