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Read + Review: The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra

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Fresh from weight loss camp, Georgie finally feels seen. Where she used to be invisible at school, she’s now followed by stares wherever she goes. With her neighbor and newfound friend Bryn by her side, Georgie is ready for a fresh start. But not everyone is fond of the new Georgie. Cheer captain Cora has a distaste for Georgie’s sudden popularity and a sizzling hatred for her former friend Bryn. As unresolved issues from the previous year unfold, it’s clear that manipulation is in the cards. When rumors concerning the three of them sweep the school, the girls must put aside their differences to make things right, and not get sucked into a tornado of lies in the process.

I really enjoyed the formatting of this book. Instead of just being written in traditional narrative style, the story is told from alternating perspectives of the three girls, and also includes social media posts and texts. I liked that the authors mixed it up a little because the story has a lot to do with social media and these posts gave insight into the rumors around the girls. I think telling the story in alternating perspectives was also beneficial to the plot because each girl has a very unique personality and it allows the reader to see events through different eyes. I also liked how readers are given glimpses into past events and how they shape the perception of each girl today because it allows for a lot of speculation from the reader. I think that parts of the book were a bit predictable, but other than that it kept me engaged.

Something memorable about The Rumor Game is the change in writing style from chapter to chapter. Each girl has a different personality, and the different writing styles for each chapter reflects that. It also made it easier for me to notice character development, because the way the chapter was written would change either in tone or description.

Reviewed by Nainika, Twin Hickory Library

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