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Read + Review: The Ivory Key by Akshaya Raman

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The Ivory Key is about Vira, a young girl who wants to become the queen of Ashoka. However, the only magic that is protecting Ashoka is running out and that can affect Vira’s chance of becoming queen. Even if she does become queen, Ashoka’s opponents will take the chance of stealing the last of the magic. Though, one thing that can help Vira have victory, the Ivory Key. The Ivory Key can bring new magic into set. In order for her to do that Vira needs to reunite with her siblings, Riya, Ronak, and Kaleb. Each one of them are determined to find the Ivory Key and use it to fix up their past mistakes. Altogether with different plans, will they be able to successfully find the Ivory Key?

I think that The Ivory Key was an amazing book. I liked how all of the characters had unique personalities which in the end led them to success. However, I feel that the Ivory Key has too many extra details in it which makes the story confusing, but important details were missing. My favorite character was Ronak because he didn’t let anything hold him back from doing what he wanted to and his reason for wanting to find the Ivory Key wasn’t as cruel as his other siblings. Overall, I would recommend this book anyone who likes a good fantasy book with a magical twist in it.

One memorable thing about The Ivory Key was the writing style. I think this was memorable because the writing style helped me as a reader, understand all four of the siblings feelings and thoughts. Every chapter when the character changed, it felt I was going into a whole new persons life because every chapter alternated between the characters point of views.

Reviewed by Radhika, Twin Hickory Library

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