The Lies We Tell by Katie Zhao

The Lies We Tell by Katie Zhao is an thrilling novel featuring racial violence, and twisted minds. Anna, a freshman at the prestigious Brooking University gets tied into finding the murderer of Melissa Hong- a student at Brookings that was murdered a few years prior. This book chronicles Brookings’ ugly history of secret organizations, racially motivated attacks, and cyber-stalking. As Anna gets more invested in finding the truth, the more she puts herself and her friends in danger.

I had a great time reading this gripping adventure. The mystery and character profiles are captivating. I liked how the many different clues and pieces of the puzzle all fit together at the end in a satisfying resolution. Something that I disliked was the romance between the main characters. It seemed like they rushed into the relationship without many romantic encounters. I really liked the book as a whole and would definitely suggest it, even though I would have preferred more of the romance.

The most memorable part of The Lies We Tell was certainly when Anna found the threats in the West Tower bathroom. This part was scary as it imposed a fear that the attacker was not only in the school, but also possibly in Anna’s dorm. This is when I started to question who the antagonist is, and if they are a someone I knew.

Reviewed by Aditi K. at Twin Hickory Library

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