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The Name She Gave Me by Betty Culley

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The book is based in the small town of Beacon in Maine. As long as she could remember, Rynn lived here with her adoptive parents. Her father’s farm, her neighbors, and the local farmer’s market was all she ever knew. But at 16, her curiosity throws her into a wild goose chase to the past. She goes on a search to find out the hidden truth about her forgotten biological family. She learns of her lost name, Scheherazade, and begins to uncover the mysteries that her adoptive parents never told her about. Still, many questions go unanswered. Where is her family now? How will she find them? And most importantly, why was she given away?

I personally adored the book. It’s poetic style of writing was something that I wasn’t very acquainted to, but it still didn’t fail to keep me engaged. Rynn’s stubborn persistence practically molded the plot of the book and showed me how strong her character was despite her unsupportive mother. My verdict is that this book was absolutely spectacular and truly and a great representation of what it means to be dedicated and strong. I definitely recommend it to anybody looking for an inspiring story.

Something that was memorable about this book was Rynn’s relationship with the Tibbetts, her best friend June’s family. Despite the hardships that Rynn went through, the Tibbetts continued to provide support for her, maybe even more than her adoptive father. They acted like a second family to Rynn and she’ll probably never forget the impact their generosity had on her.

Review by Rhea M., Twin Hickory Area Library

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