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Summer Stories Poetry Contest — Week 7 Winner

Congratulations to Quinn C., grade 8, at Libbie Mill Library! Quinn’s Free Verse was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Poetry Writing Contest winner. Quinn will receive a copy of The Daily Poet by Kelli Agodon & Martha Silano.

Week 7 Poem Type:
Free Verse

Quinn’s Winning Poem:

War never changes.

I wake up to smell the fresh air.
But all I smell is War.

I read the paper
and all I see is War.

I walk my dog around the block
and all I hear is War.

I go to work
and all I feel is War.

I go to Bed.
I dream,
and I dream about War.

Then I wake up.
And repeat.
Over and over and over.

I pray for it to stop.
But it never ends.
All I know is War.
War never changes.