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Summer Songwriting Contest – Week 2 Winner

Congratulations to this week’s Teen Summer Songwriting Contest winner: Khennidy S., grade 10, at Varina Library! Khennidy’s blues/r&b song was randomly selected from another stellar group of submissions this week.

Khennidy will receive a copy of Songwriter’s Journal

Week 2 Song Genre:
Blues / Rhythm & Blues

Khennidy’s Winning Song: 

You know I’m tired of hate
I’m tired of the hurt
You know I’m tired of the pain
I’m tired of the war
You know I’m tired of the killings
I’m tired of the torture
I am tired
Why cant we just make things work?
Its sad how i am scared to walk out into the open
Scared I’ll be killed and even more out in the open
Scared if i can make it home and see my family, I’m just trynna make a living,
and even see my future children
We can always find a way
So lets take away the hate and make this a better place
You know I’m tired of battles
I’m tired of the sadness
You know i’m tired of the lying
I’m tired of the excuses
You know I’m tired of the disrespect
I’m tired of the racism
I am tired


Teen Summer Songwriting Challenge

In celebration of our music themed Summer Reading Club, we will be featuring a series of songwriting challenges over the next month and a half. All aspiring teen songwriters are encouraged to get creative and participate.

Each week from June 18 to July 23, we will introduce a different musical genre. We will give a little background history of the genre and its Virginia roots. We will then provide you a writing prompt and you will have a week to submit a song (no more than 300 words).

All songs submitted must be the original work of the person who is submitting. That means they need to be written in your own words; do not plagiarize.

The winner will receive a songwriting book appropriate for that week’s theme.

Check in with us during the next six Mondays to learn about and enter the weekly challenge. The winner will be announced the following Monday.

Featured genres will include:

  1. June 18 – Pop / Rock
  2. June 25 – Blues / R&B
  3. July 2 – Country
  4. July 9- Hip Hop
  5. July 16 – Punk
  6. July 23 – Your Choice – Enter here for this week’s challenge

And don’t forget to stop by your local library and sign up for the Summer Reading Club. Make sure you register in time to get one of our HCPL custom kazoos! Available while supplies last.