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Read + Review: It’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick

itsallyourfaultCaitlin Mary Prudence Rectitude Singleberry is your perfect, rule follower, religious, home school student. Living in a small town in New Jersey, her family, consisting of nine children with two parents, are known as the “Singing Singleberries” as they perform at various occasions all lined up in matching outfits and knee socks. Though Caitlin (Catey) is this perfect child, she is given a near impossible task. She is forced to spend an entire weekend with her ex-best friend cousin who she has not seen in years, Heller, and try to make sure Heller does not commit anything against the law. Heller is a pop star and after being the lead in her own TV Series, “Anna Banana”, she is now taking a big turn and is playing Lynnea is the movie “Angel Wars”! Though Heller may seem like the figure everyone wants to be, she is suffering with doing drugs, smoking, and many other illegal actions. Catey will have to try as hard as possible to make sure that this weekend runs very smoothly with no problems!

Though this book might sound like your stereotypical teenage girl book, each and every night it left me laughing on the verge of crying because of how funny it was. This book uses tons of humor to make the reader want to learn more after each page. Though a ton of this book uses humor, it also incorporates modern day functions which makes the book a ton more connectable to the general public now. For example, Heller is constantly taking selfies with fans, and there is one chapter that is practically dedicated to tweets. Also, the whole idea that being a celebrity is not perfect will help realize teenagers today that they do not have to be popular to be liked and that there are many different types of people in this world.

This whole entire book was memorable, but just getting to know the differences between Catey and Heller was quite amazing. Even though by blood, they are cousins, but on terms of personality there are barely any similarities. The reason that this part is so memorable to me is because all of my friends are different and even though we have different interests, we could not be closer to one another.


Reviewed by Becca, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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