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Read + Review — Mayday by Karen Harrington

maydayWayne Kovok is a member of a military-oriented family. That seems pretty normal, right? However, he’s got some major problems up his sleeves. After his Uncle Reed’s death, a tragic airplane accident leaves Wayne unable to speak. His nearly perfect life has suddenly come spiraling down, and to make matters worse, his Grandpa is pressuring him to join the military. Even his sort-of girlfriend, Sandy Showalter, is wondering whether to stay with Wayne after the crash. With all these complications and many more, how will Wayne be able to survive in a world where everyone expects him to be perfect?

The concept behind this book is something original that I’ve never encountered before. However, the plotline and actual writing style could have been changed to make it more enjoyable. I honestly wouldn’t categorize this as a young adult’s book because of how child-like it seems. The characters had very boring personalities, and a variety in language would’ve made the book a whole lot better. Furthermore, I wish that Karen Harrington didn’t rush the ending. It felt unfinished, since so many of my own questions were left unanswered. Overall, with major improvements this story could be a best-seller.

One of the most memorable things about the book was Wayne’s personality. Out of all the characters, he was my favorite because he stood up for himself. He showed growth throughout the story because, at first, he was too scared to really tell anyone how he felt about going into the military. However, he soon realized that he shouldn’t hide his true intentions and that it would hurt less if he told his family now than later.


Reviewed by Mitali, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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