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Read + Review – Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs


The book is a short record of important peculiars way back in time. While they had an amazing gift, they were either shunned or someone they loved turned their back on the peculiar. An example is the Fork-Tongued Princess who was betrayed by three men before she realized that she could live happily without a man. The First Ymbryne is also a good example. It is about the first person who can turn into a bird, except she is a bird that can turn into a human.

It was a great book! The detail of the ability and surroundings of the peculiars were good. The author’s ability to portray the emotions that the main characters are feeling makes the book even more amazing. The book also hides morals in the writing that you have to read closely to realize. I like how the author doesn’t include too much or too little detail in his writing.

The characters struggle and how they deal with them is something to remember. Their abilities that make them different is the best part. It shows people like me, who are slightly odd, that we are actually lucky because we don’t have a head can that comes off or turn into a slug. Instead, we have or will have someone who will more likely accept us earlier than the peculiars will.


Reviewed by Anisha, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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