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Read + Review: Dear Ally, How Do You Write a Book? by Ally Carter


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In this book, acclaimed author Ally Carter is on a mission to write a how-to guide about writing a novel for young adult audiences. From learning how to develop the best characters to physically publishing a book, Ally answers hundreds of frequently asked questions about various aspects of the writing industry. This way, she describes in great detail how young writers can be successful in this field in the future. With the contributions of several more internationally known authors, such as Gordon Korman and Melissa de la Cruz, this book offers numerous perspectives about how to construct the ideal novel.

I enjoy how the author was able to make this book very relatable for aspiring writers. She understands how busy teenagers and young adults can be trying to balance school and other related activities with a writing hobby and tailored her message to those people. Contributions from numerous notable authors that helped verify the information she was trying to communicate were very effective because it allowed the reader to interpret multiple perspectives. She also used a lot of humor to keep readers engaged and better understand what was most important.

There was so much memorable advice that Ally Carter gave throughout the novel. Personally, I have thought about pursuing a career in journalism recently, and I thought that a lot of what she explained about crafting a novel can apply to writing smaller articles as well. I believe that those who desire to work as a writer in the future will react similarly to the way I did and really enjoy this book.


Reviewed by Griffin, Gayton Branch Library

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