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Read + Review: Stealing Home by Becky Wallace


The book “Stealing Home” by Becky Wallace was one of the best books that I have ever read. This book was about a girl named Ryan who works for her dad at the Minor Baseball League Stadium that he owns with his ex-wife. When Sawyer Campbell, a family friend and great baseball player, gets put on their team, Ryan’s dad sends her to go pick him up. Sawyer and Ryan have a connection unlike no other, and everyone can tell that they want to be together, but the rule is that if you work at the stadium, then you can’t date a player on the team. Right as the season starts, Sawyer cuts open the back of his ankle and can’t play for the first couple of games. Will Sawyer get back on the baseball field? And can Sawyer and Ryan figure out their future?

I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this book. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next I was surprised. While I haven’t been in the same predicament as Sawyer and Ryan, I felt like I knew what they were going through. The author did a really great job of making sure that the book could be interpreted by all readers through her choice of words and colorful writing style.

One memorable moment in this book is when Sawyer gets hurt. All he wanted was to be out in the field playing baseball, but no one knew if he would be able to at that point. Sawyer kept his hopes up and didn’t stop training and working hard to be able to get back out on the field.

Reviewed by Samantha, Glen Allen Library

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