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Read + Review — Thunder and Shadow by Erin Hunter

warriorsWeeks have past since Alderpaw’s quest to find SkyClan, which had been taken over by rogues. Everyone is sure that Violetkit and Twigkit are of the newest prophecy, but Alderpaw is doubtful about this interpretation. But an answer will have to wait, because a new problem has arisen. The group of dangerous rogues that took over SkyClan followed Alderpaw back to the Clans, and it looks like ShadowClan will share SkyClan’s fate. Meanwhile ,Violetkit and Twigkit struggle to keep their bond strong as living in two different Clans, doubts, and rogues spread them apart.

I LOVE this book! It was a thrilling read and I couldn’t put it down, LITERALLY! Aldderpaw, Twigkit, and Violetkit were amazing main characters. Each of their thoughts and personalities made reading this book super interesting. Timid Alderpaw, self conscious Twigkit, and insecure Violetkit makes a beautiful book of different points of view. I seriously care about each of these characters, which goes to show how well this book is written. I just wish Violetkit had a better sense of right and wrong and a better judgement. But even though I don’t like that, the book is more realistic with that trait than without it. The plot was action-packed and full of adventure, with plenty of suspense that kept me reading until the end. Everything, even my dislikes , went well together without clashing as all part of this wonderful book. I can’t wait for the third book to come out.

One thing that stood out to me was Twigkit and Violetkit’s struggling relationship. It showed me the power of forgiveness and love, as well as how important family is. Also the amount of disrespect in ShadowClan made me feel how important the elderly, sick, and those in authority are. And when I saw how some cats had no regard for the warrior code, it gave me a new appreciation of rules.


Reviewed by Christine, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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