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Read + Review: The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

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This book is about a girl named Greta, who is working in her mother’s iron works. When her mother sent her to get something from town, she runs into a lost tea dragon. When she goes to return it to its owner, Hesekiel, Greta learned that tea dragons are animals that grow special tea leaves on them and you harvest them. Hesekiel offered her to come and train the tea dragons anytime she liked. Once she finally decides to train them, she meets Erik and Min. They also help with the tea dragons. When Greta gets to know Min more, she learns about her past and that she has a short term memory loss, but she can see the future too. They become good friends and they all continue to train the tea dragons.

I thought this book was good for a graphic novel. It’s a quick read if that’s what I’m looking for but not something that lasts very long. But other than that, I really enjoyed the storyline, and all of the characters. I also liked the fact that the graphics are really calm and the tea dragon details in the drawings are really great.

One of the memorable parts of the book is when Greta meets Min for the second time at Hesekiel’s tea shop. It was memorable because she had run into her before and Min was very shy, so they got the chance to become friends and get to know each other, which helps make the story better!


Reviewed by Helen, Grade 6, Libbie Mill Library

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