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Read+Review: Sink or Swim: A novel of WWII by Steve Watkins


Sink or Swim is a novel based off World War II. It is a suspenseful story about a young lad named Colton. He is motivated to gain revenge on the Nazis after they capsized his brother’s boat. Since, Danny, his brother, has become injured, he cannot attend the Navy. This leaves Colton to making a bold decision. Will Colton go and fight for his brother, or will he give in to the Germans? Read the book to find out!

Sink or Swim is a real page-turner! I enjoyed the whole book but there were some scary moments. There were times I thought Colton might fall off the edge or get shot by a bullet. What I liked most about the book, though, is how Colton managed to do tasks the typical 12-year-old cannot achieve. For example, he made it through the Navy boot camp without getting recognized. I probably would not be able to do that, considering I am not very strong! Overall, I thought this was a great read!

One thing I loved about this book is how Colton was suffering through all of this just for his brother and his country. He has already made this very bold decision to join the Navy! Moreover, he sent all his money from his paycheck back to his mother to aid Danny. This stood out to me as a loving and caring act.


Rasshi Naavaal, 6th grade – Moody Middle School, Twin Hickory Library

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