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Read + Review: Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling



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Aven Green has no arms! But, even at the age of 13, that doesn’t stop her from doing what other kids do. She still eats cereal, brushes her teeth and hair, and much more by her self. She went to the same school, growing up with the same people and living in the same house in Kansas. But then at the age of 13, her parents decided to move all the way to Arizona to take a job running Stagecoach Pass; a rundown Western theme park. That means every thing and every one she knows will all be in Kansas while she on the other hand will be in Arizona….with no one she knows. She then has to start her life all over again– from making friends to feeling at home!

Aven Green moves to Arizona, where the sun heats up everything 24/7. She has to stay at an apartments complex in the heat, above a steakhouse, in a rundown theme park called Stagecoach Pass and, in the middle of nowhere in Arizona! Personally, if I were in that situation, I would not have liked it. It would have been torture! I am more fond of the cold and love it much better than the heat. But, over there she makes friends with two boys; Conner and Zion. Her parents love to see that Aven made friends already. I would have been so happy if that happened to me at that time. Such a lucky ducky! But, Aven is also trying to solve a mystery about the Cavanaughs and who this person named Joe Cavanaugh is. In the end, Aven loves the place she is in because of this mystery with Joe Cavanaugh, and what it had led her to become! She is so lucky to have what she has and that she learned a lot about herself all the way in Arizona!

A memorable thing about the book The Insignificant Events In The Life Of A Cactus is, when Aven finally gets the courage to play the guitar with her feet in front of whole crowd! If I were her I would be so embarrassed and humiliated but, this girl didn’t show any of that fear I would’ve had. She was calm, peaceful and open. She showed everyone that, even people with no arms can do everything else people with arms can!


Reviewed by Rida, Twin Hickory Area Library


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