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Read + Review: Creep by Eireann Corrigan

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It’s summer in Glennon Heights when the Donahues move into 16 Olcott Place, a home with a mysterious history. After the Donahues move in, Olivia Danvers becomes friends with the youngest, Janie, and the Donahues start receiving weird threats from the “Sentry.” The threats spur Olivia and Janie to investigate them – who is the “Sentry” and why are they sending threats – and uncover the history of 16 Olcott Place. They find out who the Sentry is and his motive, with help from the rest of the Donahue family.

The book was okay. I somewhat liked Olivia Danvers, yet she’s like a background character, whereas Janie feels like the main character in a way. Janie’s siblings are complete opposites – Liv is uptight, and Ben is more easygoing. The parents have tons of trust issues and history that come to light. The Sentry was easily identifiable from the beginning, and I wish that it was a bit harder because it takes away the surprise factor of who it is. Overall, I thought it was okay, but it could have been better – a harder-to-identify stalker and more compelling characters/scenes because there were times where I was not interested in the storyline and wanted it to end.

One memorable thing about the book was Olivia and Janie’s friendship. They were there for one another and backed and defended each other.

Reviewed by Roopa, Tuckahoe Library

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