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Middle School: Winter Blunderland by James Patterson

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The book Middle School: Winter Blunderland is written by James Patterson and is illustrated by Brian Sitts. This book takes place in Alaska when Rafe is in eighth grade. Rafe Katchadorian gets an email from his friend’s mom saying that they are going to come to Alaska and try to find the missing polar bears. Rafe’s friend’s mom is a zoologist name Dr. Deerwin. Dr. Deerwin travels around the world with her daughter (Rafe’s friend) and helps other zoologists zoned to a certain area with anything they need or come to study their animals. When Rafe is sweating like a hyena at his school, Dr. Deerwin said that he could come to Alaska to help find some missing polar bears. I am sure that you would know Rafe’s answer to the question but, his mom took a bit of convincing. Eventually, his mom gave in to Rafe’s pleas and let him go. Once Rafe started to dread the cold air he will experience once he gets to Alaska, but that shouldn’t be the only thing he should be afraid of.

Reading Middle School: Winter Blunderland was a very interesting experience for me. This book had the perfect combination of romance, action, comedy, and suspense. I wish that the author would keep some more information to increase the plot. I like the plot, but in my opinion, I felt like it was a bit tame. I also would like the author to drag on the story a tad more because the story is at a very fast pace. The story is very good, but it goes a bit too fast and skips over some details that the reader might want to know. This book is also very interesting so it would be better if it was a bit longer and know more about what the characters do. The resolution is my favorite part though I have mixed feelings about the book not having a cliffhanger. There are some loose ends once the story is done, but they are all covered up with this part after the epilogue. Cliffhangers inspire suspense, but sometimes you just want to know what happens. These are only minor mistakes and the rest of this book is pleasing so I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.

One memorable part of the book was when Rafe built an igloo. The day before Rafe built the igloo, one of the research workers that where letting Rafe, Rafe’s friend, and Dr. Deerwin let them stay at their research center to build an igloo and showed it to Rafe’s friend. Rafe got jealous and the next day morning he woke up and built an igloo. Rafe took a few hours to make the igloo because he had to cut, shave, and place snow. When Rafe was done building the igloo, he called everyone outside and they were all very impressed by Rafe’s result. Everyone went inside Rafe’s igloo to check it out since it looked like Rafe took a lot of time to build it and it was very good. But when they went inside, the research worker found out that the igloo was not stable, and by the time he told everyone the igloo collapsed on top of everybody.

Reviewed by Achin T., Twin Hickory Area Library

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