Read + Review — The Empty Throne by Cayla Kluver

Empty Throne by Cayla KluveAnya, the main character in the book, is a Fae that has lost her wings.  The wings help her fly and have elemental connection to different things.  But she doesn’t have her wings to help her.  Her cousin, Zabriel, is about to be executed.  She can’t save him though.  And somebody has gotten their hands on the Queen of Fae’s dagger.  Anya attempts to get it back, but sadly fails.  She has a lot to do to save her magnificent Realm.  Does she have what it takes to save every living Fae in the world?

The beginning of the novel was pretty boring because there wasn’t any huge plot.  Nearing the end of the book, though, it got more fascinating with many cliff hangers.  The author used strong vocabulary to express the characters’ feelings.  Most of the chapters were correctly named with the plot of that certain chapter.  That made it easy to read the beginning of a chapter, and know what it is about.

The most memorable part in the novel was when Anya tried to find the Anlace, the Queen’s dagger.  It was a great time because it was filled with suspense and a touch of humor.


Reviewed by Ben, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library


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