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Read + Review — She is not Invisible by Marcus Sedgewick

invisibleThis book was about a blind child’s struggle to fit into the seeing world and find her dad when so many obstacles challenged her. As Laureth’s dad suddenly goes missing, she “abducts,” her brother and flies to New York to find their dad. The only thing that she was not counting on was the series of cryptic messages and deathly frightening clues that they will have to use to find him. Even as she goes through scare after scare, Laureth manages to keep her cool and find her way through all of her obstacles, even her loss of one sense.

Marcus Sedgewick expertly crafts another gripping tale of wonder that of course delivers an irresistible mystery. As his characters whirl through the horror-filled world he created, readers hang onto the edge of their seats in this gripping thriller. Marcus craftily creates an appealing writing style that pulls any reader into the clutches of his book, where they are transported into the life of Laureth Peak, the main character. All in all, Sedgewick’s masterpiece should be adored by creators of books and readers alike for generations.

One memorable thing about this book was that the main character was blind and in the book she was shown as an independent, honest, and trustworthy person that was just like everybody else. This motivates people not to think of any blind people as disabled and that even though they have lost one sense, they are still normal human beings.

Reviewed by Sarah, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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