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Read + Review — Warriors: Dawn of the Clans: Path of Stars by Erin Hunter


Path of StarsIn the final book of “Dawn of the Clans”, the five groups of cats face off against a dangerous group of rogues. These rogues are led by Slash, who will do anything to get prey and remain at power, even if it means killing cats. When Slash kidnaps Clear Sky’s mate, Star Flower, Clear Sky is terrified. Finally, they rescue Star Flower, but the trouble isn’t over yet. After one rogue leads a dog to Slash’s camp, Slash abandons the rogues, who join the groups, but not all seem trustworthy, and one seems too good to be true. Who can be trusted? Slash promises the groups that the trouble isn’t over yet. What will the dastardly cat do next?

I loved this book. It was detailed, with lots of action, adventure, and suspense, as well as several laughable moments. I enjoyed the entire book, from the beginning to the very last page. It was easy to picture myself there with Gray Wing on his trip to see Fern, or when Thunder and Lightning Tail were spying on the rogue camp. Despite the quick ending, I thought it was great.

The most memorable moment of the book was a scene between Fern and Gray Wing. In this scene, Gray Wing went to the rogue camp to visit Fern for information.


Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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