Summer Stories — Week 5 Winner

Congratulations to Sophie L., grade 12, at Tuckahoe Area Library! Sophie’s short story was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Teen Writing Contest winner. Sophie will receive a copy of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.

Week 5 Prompt: You win a trip to the International Space Station as a Cosmic Student Ambassador. Tell us all about what you experience. Who do you meet?

Sophie’s Winning Story:
It went like this. I was a ghost. Not because I wanted to be a ghost, but because I was forced to be a ghost.
It had happened suddenly. One moment, I was being welcomed aboard the International Space Station, the first in a line of prestigious, over-achieving student ambassadors. The next moment, a was a ghost, ripped from my body by a corporeal manifestation of a possibly polluted alien life form. I now hung in the air, inches from the ceiling, my transparent tendrils of arms bleeding into each other like a Sunday morning fog.

My previous body tilted its head up and smiled at me. Pink hair, pink eyes, pink lips formed into an innocent smile. It was the only creature in the highly technological entrance hallway that seemed to notice my ethereal presence. Cameras flashed as it walked through the large chrome archway into a spacious dining area. A long table was set up for an intergalactic feast. That was supposed to be my feast.

It sat down next to a cute, north-eastern type girl, who immediately offered it a drink of pink lemonade. That was supposed to be my pink lemonade.
Everything except my new form was held in place by the false gravity resulting from the rotation of the station. As my ghastly body passed through the metallic ceiling, I looked down to see my old face. Pink lips mouthed the word. Goodbye.

Don’t miss your chance to win! Submit your original story in response to this week’s prompt.

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