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Read + Review — A Step Towards Falling by Cammie McGovern

A step toward fallingIt centers around three teenagers who are brought together through unforeseen circumstances. After Emily and Lucas both make a mistake that costs their fellow student, Belinda’s dignity, they are forced to become helpers for a socialization class for developmentally disabled adults. Over time, they begin to understand and grow closer to the class they are working with. Then, when Belinda returns to school, Emily and Lucas come up with an idea. They decide to direct a play, and invite Belinda to star in it as an apology. As they dig deeper into their play, the three new friends uncover unexpected secrets about each other- some being much harder to forgive than others.

I really liked this book, because I think it sent out a strong message about equality. I loved the clever plot twists and relatable writing style that sounded like a teenager without losing its intelligent feel. I liked how Chad didn’t turn out as the cliché “hot, muscular boyfriend” character, and had more flaws to his story than I expected. The author really showed the good and bad sides to each character shown, and developed them each to their fullest points.

I appreciated how Emily and Lucas grew to appreciate their friends in the Boundaries and Relationships class, and how each character in the class had their own quirks and stories to tell. I especially loved the moment where Emily objected to the word “retarded;” saying that it was insulting and outdated.

Reviewed by Lily, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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